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Service Offerings

Business & Technical Consulting Services

Is your company taking advantage of everything it can to ensure efficencies are maximized and streamlined?  Do you have manual processes that could benefit from a technology solution but unsure of things like, vendors, reliablity of solutions, or where to research?  We can help with that! We have resources that can quickly grasp an understanding of nitch enviroments and what can be done to streamline your operation.  We can determine if a custom solution is best or a ready to use product is available.

Custom Software Application Development (Midrange, Client/Server, Cloud, Tablet, Smartphones)

Do you run your business on a software product purchased from a vendor?  Are you tired of paying the high cost of license fees and annual maintenance fees for a system that you can only use about 35% of its functionality?  We can help with that!  Get more bang for your buck by having a custom solution designed and tailor made to your organization's daily operation to streamline and maximize efficiencies.

Cloud Services & Web Hosting

Are hardware costs getting expensive?  Looking for ways to save money to do a much needed server upgrade?  We can help with that!  Our cloud services give you an option that is much less expensive than the cost of owning and managing your own hardware.  You can even host your website on the same server if desired.  We can also provide you with our very own content management service that will put you in total control of changes you need made without relying on a third party to do so.  We will train you on how to use our product.  Very little technical skills needed.

Work Flow & Electronic Signatures

Are you faced with a mountain of documents to be reviewed for approvals after a long business trip or vacation?  Do you struggle staying on top of signing things like expense reports?  We can help with that!  Our electronic signatures and work flow systems allow you to be anywhere with any device that can surf the internet to review and approve documents electronically which also save you cost in paper and toner/ink.

Migration of Servers to Virtual Environments

Do you currently have a number of servers within your organization?  Is the cost of your energy bill more expensive having to have so many server machines?  We can helpl with that!  We can convert your physical machines to virtual computers so that one server can carry out the same number of tasks as serveral.  This reduces the number of physical servers needed thus reducing energy costs.  It is the new normal in the IT industry.

Help Desk Call Center

Do you know what issues users are having related to using the system you run your company with?  Do you know if the issues that exist are related to a lack of training or are technical?  We can help with that!  Our call center logs all calls and are placed into categories.  This also becomes a knowledge base so that solutions to issues can easily be retrieved for future occurrence shoud they arise again.  We can provide the metrix as to what types of issues exist within your organization so you can make decisions on how to strengthen your organization.

Implement Common Office Environments (COE)

What happens today when an employee's computer quits working in your organization?  Are they unable to work until a fix or another computer is purchased or configured?  Did they have everything backed up?  We can help with that!  Our stratagy and techniques in configure computers and servers for your organization minimizes the risk of data loss and increases the assurance that an employee can log into any computer within your organization and function as if they were sitting in front of their assigned computer.

Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Do you currently operate without a true IT department?  Does your IT support consist of using local expertise to fix computers?  Are you needing the ability to bring business processes and technology together but don't have the resources nor expertise inhouse?  We can help with that!  Did you know that information technology is like the central nervous system of the human body?  There is not one aspect of your company by which tehnology is not used and needed to be supported by an IT expert.  Hiring a staff can be expensive.  Our Virtual CIO plan is your answer.  We can integrate right in with your day to day operation and making sure you achieve your vision of your organization for a monthly fee far cheaper than hiring your internal staff.